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We are committed to each client with the respect and understanding they deserve. Numerous subjects and years of experience have made us experts in various areas of law.

Our legal areas

What are we experts in?

​Criminal law

When it comes to criminal proceedings, our lawyers focus on protecting the rights of our clients and achieving the best results in all stages of the court proceedings.


Whether it’s personal injury, property damage, or other forms of damage, our clients can count on high-quality case processing and our commitment to achieving the best possible outcome.

Company law

Our experts will help you in the establishment, management and management of companies and in all related transactions, with a focus on the protection of your business interests and legal certainty.

​Banking and financial law

We provide comprehensive legal support in the banking and financial sector, including structuring financial transactions, negotiating and drafting contracts, and resolving disputes with clients or regulatory authorities.


Comprehensive contract drafting service to protect your interests. We ensure that your contracts are clear and precise, legally valid and in accordance with legal regulations.

​Law of real property and real estate

We provide legal assistance in all matters related to real estate and real estate, including sales, rent, lease, registration of ownership rights and resolution of disputes related to real estate.


Our dedication and experience in litigation ensures that your rights are adequately represented in any legal dispute.

​Labor law

We help you to properly comply with labor laws and practices, allowing you to avoid legal problems that could cost you your business.


We provide legal support services in the collection of claims, whether they are claims based on contracts, invoices or other grounds. Our clients can count on professional and efficient processing of all cases.

Bankruptcy law

Rely on many years of experience in conducting bankruptcy proceedings and pre-bankruptcy settlements, and providing legal assistance to debtors and creditors as well as administrators of bankruptcy proceedings. Count on quality advice and support throughout the entire process.

Administrative law

We resolve disputes with state bodies and institutions. We will help you in matters related to public services, construction permits, administrative disputes and the like.

​Intellectual property

Complete representation in all matters related to the protection of your intellectual property, including the protection of copyrights, patents, trademarks, etc.

Taxes and duties

Application of tax and customs regulations in Croatia and the EU. Analyses of the impact of taxes, duties and other duties on business operations. Representation in tax and customs procedures.

​Mergers and acquisitions

In-depth organization recording and transaction management. Conducting proceedings before regulatory authorities. Drafting of contracts and other documentation.

Public procurement

We accompany you in all stages of the public procurement procedure, from the creation of documentation and evaluation of tender conditions to the contracting of works.

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